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Discover Maui's Mother Reef


Olowalu Reef on Maui is a stunningly beautiful and vibrant coral reef ecosystem located just off the western coast of the island. It is considered to be one of the healthiest coral reefs in all of Hawai'i, with a tremendously diverse range of species calling it home.

Olowalu Reef stretches an impressive 450 acres and is made up of vibrant, colorful coral formations that are home to countless species of fish, sea turtles, and other marine life. The colors and patterns of the coral are truly breathtaking, with stunning shades of blue, yellow, green, and red.

Visitors to Olowalu Reef have the opportunity to snorkel among the coral formations that are upwards of 500 years old and swim alongside the abundance of marine life that inhabit the area. The reef is home to over 350 different species of fish, including Hawaiian green sea turtles!

The waters surrounding Olowalu Reef are crystal-clear and warm, creating the perfect environment for snorkeling. The area is also known for its calm conditions and relatively mild current, making it an excellent spot for beginners.

Overall, Olowalu Reef is a must-see destination for any visitors to Maui who are interested in exploring the stunning natural beauty and diverse marine life of Maui's coral reefs.

Discover the Volcanic Reefs of Makena

Makena Landing

Makena Landing located on Maui's southern coast is known for its exceptional reef system, shaped by volcanic activity over time which has led to lava fingers, arch ways, and remarkable underwater formations you will get to see up close up close, revealing a world of vibrant colors and diverse marine species.

As you glide along the coastline, you'll be able to witness the connection between the volcanic formations and the thriving marine ecosystem. Our guides will share their knowledge of the diverse marine life that inhabits these reefs, as well as the geological process that has shaped this extraordinary environment.

Snorkeling at Makena Landing is a truly enchanting experience. Diving into the translucent waters you will discover the thriving coral reefs that provide habitat for a wide array of tropical fish, sea turtles, and other fascinating ocean creatures.

Makena Landing is also known for its calmer weather. Laying in the shadow of Haleakala our traditional easterly winds typically go right over us offering a bubble for perfect conditions.

Whether you're a novice snorkeler or an experienced marine enthusiast, Makena Landing offers an unforgettable experience to witness the raw volcanic beauty that lies just below the surface.

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